Exciting start as WISE@QMUL relaunches!

Wow, what a great start our new programme, it’s made me so excited about future WISE@QMUL events! We had our first WISE@QMUL Lounge on 22nd March 2013, featuring some incredibly inspiring speakers, lovely food and a great turnout of guests.

Prof Evelyn Welch, VP at QMUL for Research and International Affairs opened the afternoon.

Dr Becky Stewart completed her PhD at QMUL’s Centre for Digital Music and re-visited her old turf to talk to us about the joys and perils of recently starting up Codasign, her own interactive arts and technology company in London.  It was especially great to hear from Becky, as she was involved in WISE during her time at QMUL.

Our very own Magda heroically stepped in at the last minute to give us a refresher about what WISE aims to achieve this year (and beyond!) and how to get involved.

Finally, Jennifer Indovina gave us a whirlwind bio and series of take-away pointers from her own experience of setting up her own company, Tenrehte Technologies.  Highlights included winning the Green Technology Category in the Best of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2010 and becoming a TED Fellow.  Jen set up Tenrehte to produce wireless green tech products, including the PICOwatt plug to monitor your home electronic devices from anywhere in the world.

WISE is always looking for new ideas for events so if you have any suggestions at all, even if they are very small, please use our contact form.

Roll on the next WISE Lounge!


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