Lecture at the IOP

Being different can be good: A female physicist looks at the interface of physics with the life sciences


Professor Dame Athene Donald DBE FRS FinstP

Date: Thursday 24th July 2014

Venue: Institute of Physics, 76 Portland Place, London, W1B 1NT

Time: 18.30 (registration from 18.00)

 Full details about the lecture and speaker can be found in this pdf.


The lecture is free to attend and open to all, physicists and non-physicists alike, so please feel free to pass this invitation on to your colleagues, relatives, students or anyone else whom you think would be interested. Places are limited and expected to go quickly, so registration is essential.

Please visit http://publiclectures.iop.org and complete the short form.

Dame Athene Donald is Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Cambridge, her research focuses on using the ideas of soft-matter physics to study a range of systems of both synthetic and biological origin. Dame Athene has been awarded many prestigious honours both inside and outside IOP, including the Faraday Medal in 2010. She was the founding chair of the Institute of Physics Biological Physics Group and is Project Director of IOP’s Teaching Biological Physics project. Athene has an active interest in equality and diversity as well as education and science policy.

When Dame Athene started bridging the gap between physics and the life sciences some of her colleagues were far from convinced that it counted as physics. She persevered in these studies and now many physicists have realised the satisfaction and challenges of working at the interface of physics and biology. Indeed biological physics has, justifiably, become an attractive area to work in. Dame Athene considers that her experience of persisting with bridging physics and biology is not dissimilar to the need to persist as a female physicist, although she hopes that some things have changed since she first set out on her journey. Dame Athene’s lecture will be about how women belong in physics and, likewise, how consideration of biological questions has its place in the discipline.

“Being different can be challenging, even painful, but in my experience it can also bring with it much satisfaction.”

Professor Dame Athene Donald


We look forward to seeing you at the IOP.


This lecture is part of the Opportunity Physics 2014 lecture series, to find out more about Opportunity Physics, please visit www.iop.org/fundraising


E-mail: publiclectures@iop.org

Direct tel: +44 (0) 20 7470 4971


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