Current committee


Committee members:

  • Fearon Clare Cassidy (Publications and Social Media Officer) – PhD student, Endocrinology
  • Maudrian Burton (Blogger) – Research nurse, William Harvey Research Institute
  • Virginia Govoni (Whitechapel Campus Ambassador) – Project manager, Blizard Institute
  • Sharan Sidhu (Staff adviser) – Clinical Senior Lecturer/Honorary Consultant, Institute of Dentistry

Committee advisers:


Committee Members:

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Fearon Clare Cassidy (Publications & Social Media Officer)
Fearon is a PhD student in the William Harvey Institute at the School of Medicine and Dentistry on the Charterhouse Square campus. She works on the embryonic origins of adipose tissue and the effect of imprinted gene dosage on this process. She is a member of the WISE@QMUL committee and is enthusiastic about supporting women to pursue leadership roles within the scientific community.


Kathrin Preuss (Hospitality and Room  Bookings  Officer)
Kathrin is a PhD student in the School of Engineering and Materials Science at QMUL, supervised by Prof Magdalena Titirici. Her research is focused on the development of sustainable electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Fuel Cells. As a member of the WISE@QMUL committee she hopes to contribute in overcoming gender barriers within STEM.


Maudrian Burton (Blogger)
I am a qualified Biochemist who later went on to train as a qualified Nurse specialising in Research. I am presently the Lead Research Coordinator for the Barts Cardiovascular Registry project which is supported by the William Harvey Research Institute- Heart centre and the NIHR. My research project focus is looking at diseases of the heart and circulation. I am also interested in qualitative research and is presently undertaking a research project on Consenting for Research. I recently joined WISE at QMUL to be an inspiration to other women who would like to get into Science and Engineering. I am also a committee member for Patient and Public Involvement in Research and recently helped to organise the Barts and Queen Mary Science Festival for Secondary School age Children.


Amy Danson (Chair)
PhD student at The Blizard Institute, started in 2015.


Kalina Davies (Secretary)

Kalina is a Postdoctoral Research Assistant in the Organismal Biology Department of the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences at QMUL. She is interested in many aspects of evolutionary biology, including convergent evolution, phylogenetics, NGS data analysis, molecular and morphological evolution, and is particularly interested in mammalian evolution. She has had a long-term interest in WISE and the issues surrounding women in STEMM subjects.


Sol S. Gil Gallegos (Webmaster)
Sol is a PhD student in the School of Mathematical Sciences at QMUL in the area of dynamical systems and statistical mechanics. Her research focuses on the interplay between microscopic chaos and deterministic diffusion. Sol believes that the quest for equal access to opportunities requires commitment from both men and women and she sees in WISE a perfect platform to promote gender equality.


Virginia Govoni (Whitechapel Campus Ambassador)
Virginia has graduated in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical technology at the University of Bologna in 2007 then moved to London to work in the field of cardiovascular prevention focusing on the effect of food and dietary components on vascular function at the University of Reading then at King’s College London for 6 years.
She is now Project Manager of a EU funded project called GIFTS, with 16 partners around the world, looking at genomic and lifestyle predictors of foetal outcomes relevant to diabetes and at the prevention of diabetes in South Asians.
She is based at the beautiful Blizard Institute in Whitechapel and enthusiastic about helping excellent women fulfilling their potentials and progress in STEMM fields.


Serena Ada Maugeri (Hospitality and Room Bookings Officer)
I am a PhD student in the Centre for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics at the School of Physics and Astronomy, QMUL. My research is mainly focused on the use of neutrons and X-rays total scattering, combined with atomic modelling (such as molecular dynamics simulations and reverse monte carlo refinements), to understand the local atomic structure of different classes of nanomaterials.
As a member of WISE my goal is to increase awareness about issues faced by women in STEM sectors, as a consequence of gender imbalance and unconscious bias.


Dr Sharan K Sidhu (Staff adviser)
Clinical Senior Lecturer/Honorary Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, Adult Oral Health, Institute of Dentistry

Siying Wang32-code

Siying Wang (Treasurer & Athena Swan Representative)
Siying is a PhD student in Centre for Digital Music at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. Her research interests include music informatics and expressive performance study. She is keen to contribute to gender equality, enjoy meeting and working with enthusiastic and inspiring people.

Committee Advisers:


Jasmin Zohren (WISE@QMUL Chair 2015)
Jasmin started her PhD at QMUL with Dr Richard Buggs in 2012. The lab collaborates closely with CLC bio – a QIAGEN company in Aarhus, Denmark, where she spent a six month placement in the summer of 2014. Her research focuses on analysing the genome and introgression pattern of Betula nana (dwarf birch) and related birch species. She is one of thirteen early stage researchers funded by the EU Marie Curie Initial Training Network INTERCROSSING working in the field of genetics, informatics, and statistics. As a member of the WISE@QMUL committee she enjoys meeting a lot of inspiring people and being actively involved in the progress towards equality in science.


Louise Anderson (WISE@QMUL Chair 2014)
Louise is a fourth year PhD student in Materials Science at QMUL, developing transparent dye-sensitised solar for energy efficient glazing applications. With a background in Chemistry and through work as a STEM ambassador, Louise has become aware of how easily young people can be discouraged to pursue a career within STEM at all stages of study. Through working with WISE, Louise is keen to promote diversity within STEMM. She hopes to develop a supportive network for early career researchers to explore career options, develop their skills and build efficient networks with the aim to prevent unnecessary growth of the ‘leaky pipeline’ and to enable the pursuit of successful, life-long careers in STEM.


Joanne Littlefair (WISE@QMUL Chair 2013)
Joanne is a third year PhD student working with Dr Rob Knell in the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences at QMUL. She researches the interactions between nutrition and immunity in a crop pest. Her background is in zoology, and she has a first degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge. After her PhD she would like to continue working in academic science by applying for a postdoc. Joanne was Chair of WISE@QMUL in 2013 and enjoyed expanding the group and running a number of successful events. She’s interested in female participation in science at all levels, and particularly helping women to get to the best leadership positions in science and industry.


Nela Brown (WISE@QMUL Chair 2012 & External adviser)
Nela is a sound artist, musician, designer, technologist and researcher based in London. Whilst focusing her PhD research at QMUL on different methods for gathering requirements for design of interactive technologies, she got involved with the following initiatives promoting and supporting female participation in STEM, for which she also won a Highly Commended WISE Leader Award in November 2013: G.Hack, BCSWomen, Flossie, inQube and WISE@QMUL.


Asmi Barot
Asmi is a fourth year PhD student in Physics at QMUL. Her research focuses on radiation damage i.e. the safe encapsulation of nuclear waste. In addition to her research, Asmi is passionate about engaging with students and discussing the option of studying Physics at university, and working towards changing the stereotypical view of students, female in particular, that Physics is a “man’s subject”. As a member of the WISE@QMUL committee she is keen to increase female participation in STEM sectors and look into why Physics stands out among the sciences for its inability to attract women.


Nishtha Chopra
Nishtha is a third year PhD student in Electronics Engineering & Computer Science at QMUL, supervised by Dr Akram Alomainy. Her research is in nanoscale communication networks for healthcare monitoring applications. Associated with engineering since her first degree, she has interacted with many students and made them aware of the vibrancy of careers in science and technology. She comes from India where there is a huge gender imbalance in STEM not only at a late career stage but also at degree level.“As humans, we all are here to contribute and it would be a huge waste of talent if women stop themselves from following their passion. Therefore, as a publicity officer, I hope to gather the attention of my female fellows and help them embark on their careers in STEM.” — Nishtha, 2014


Sophia Goldberg
Sophia is a third year PhD student in Physics at QMUL. Her research in Cosmology focuses on building a mathematical formalism which can be used to describe how matter evolves in the universe on large scales (using the perturbed standard, FLRW, cosmological model), in local solar system dynamics (using the Post-Newtonian formalism) and on scales in-between. She joined WISE to be part of a group of women in STEM who are passionate about pushing for change in the academic structure to increase diversity. Apart from research and WISE, she is interested in getting the public engaged in scientific research. This year she took part in organising the first Pint of Science festival at QMUL, which brought STEM subjects to the pub over the three nights.


Andrea Hatlen
Andrea is a fourth year PhD student in the School of Chemical and Biological Sciences at QMUL. She studies small RNAs, which regulate gene expression. Her research in the crop species Brassica napus, is intended to help predict crosses that would improve yield, reducing the need for costly phenotyping. She is a Marie Curie fellow in the INTERCROSSING Initial Training Network, which is made up of researchers working on a combination of genetics, informatics, and statistics. She is involved with WISE@QMUL to be a part of a group of highly motivated women, who encourage each other and work together to push the barriers in STEM fields

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA32-code32-social19

Aurora Sampson
Aurora is a final year PhD student in the School of Chemical and Biological Sciences working with Dr Jonathan Grey and Prof Alan Hildrew (QMUL), and Dr Guy Woodward (Imperial College London). She is currently researching the role of methane-derived carbon within aquatic freshwater food webs. She became interested in promoting women in STEM subjects after learning about the gender imbalance for women in academic positions post-PhD. She is keen to work with WISE@QMUL to help women constructively network and build STEM careers both within academia and industry.

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