Past events


01.06.2017 – Women in STEM Day

25.04.2017 – Screening: The Ascent of Woman

08.03.2017 – WISE International Women’s Day Celebration 2017

21.02.2017 – QMUL GradFest2017: How to Present Your Most Confusing Results with Confidence: Adelina Chalmers



11.05.2016 – Movie Screening: CODE – Debugging the Gender Gap

April 2016 – Programming Course: Basic JAVA coding

08.03.2016 – WISE QUIZ NIGHT celebrating International Women’s Day

24.02.2016 – Evening Talk and Discussion: Amrita Ahluwalia


08.12.2015 – Christmas Social: Famous Female Scientists

02.12.2015 – Lunchtime Discussion: Why Gender Equality is Good for Everyone – Men Included

14.09.2015 – Panel discussion: Parenting in Academia

18.06.2015 – Lunchtime Discussion: The Impostor Syndrome

24.04.2015 – WISE Workshop: “And What Do You Do?”

06.03.2015 – Lunchtime Discussion: “HeForShe” Emma Watson’s UN Talk, a Celebration of International Women‘s Day!

25.02.2015 – Lecture by Prof Gina Rippon: Neurotrash, Neurosexism, Neuronews – their role in understanding gender differences


08.04.2014- National WISE Colloquium at University of Huddersfield

12.03.2014- A Life in Science- Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell – 4pm, Mile End Campus

05.03.2014- Sense About Science (lunchtime) Blomeley Room 1, Queen Mary Students’ Union Hub, 432 Bancroft Road, Mile End, London, E1 4NT


11.12.2013 The leaky pipeline: Stories from women graduating from PhDs

20.11.2013 Panel discussion: “I want to be an academica female perspective”

08-09.11.2013 Flossie 2013 Conference at QMUL

17.10.2013 Video discussion: “A Chemical Imbalance”

12.09.2013 Assertiveness Workshop

02.07.2013 Seminar: Women working in science policy

22.05.2013 Video discussion: Sheryl Sandberg’s TED talk

03.05.2013 Panel discussion: Challenges facing female postdocs

28.02.2013 Evidence for bias against women in science


06.12.2012 Parenting and careers

22.11.2012 G.Hack presented a women in technology panel for Goldsmiths Thursday Club
WISE and G.Hack Chair Nela Brown chaired a panel at Goldsmiths Thursday Club about women in technology; WISE@QMUL committee members went along with her to take part in the panel, which also featured representatives from Girl Geek Meetup, Flossie, G.Hack, and Geek Gurl Diaries (Photo of G.Hack panel)

14.11.2012 Women in entrepreneurship

24.10.2012 Women in leadership

31.05.2012 To be or not to be a member of a professional body?

22.03.2012 WISE@QMUL is back!


23.02.2011 Joint outing to Science Museum

16.02.2011 Coffee Hotspot

10.02.2011 Seminar: Recent research on work-life balance

01.12.2010 Coffee Hotspot

17.11.2010 Seminar: “My Experience in Industry – Gender Roles and Gender Wars”

27.10.2010 Coffee Hotspot

07.10.2010 Pub Quiz

19.05.2010 Prof Dame Julia Higgins

22.04.2010 Double-blind peer review?

23.03.2010 Fellowships for women in Science and Engineering (Follow-up information here)

16.03.2010 SEECS Research Open Day People’s Choice Award

04.03.2010 Interested in Industry Panel (Follow-up information here)


04.12.2009 Pub Quiz

19.11.2009 Prof Karen Steel, FRS

12.10.2009 Prof Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell

24.09.2009 Seminar: Why so few female chemists?

16.09.2009 Speed researching

26.06.2009 WISE@QMUL Launch

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