Welcome new committee members!

Hi all,

We’ve had a big changeover recently as old committee members leave and new ones have arrived to carry on the good work! So we’re saying goodbye to Salzitsa, Diana, Aleks, and Anna – thanks for all your hard work and I’ve really enjoyed working on events with you. We’re welcoming Aurora (evaluation), Helen (treasurer), Asmi, and Louise (secretary) – thanks for joining us! Eva will also be taking on a role as our room booking and catering guru.

Look out for events being planned for the end of April!

Chair, WISE@QMUL Committee 2013

WISE@QMUL will be sponsoring Flossie 2012

WISE@QMUL will be sponsoring Flossie 2012, a free two-day event for women who use or are interested in Free and Open Source Software (FLOSS) in Digital Arts or Open Data, Open Knowledge, Social Innovation, Research and Education.

Flossie is an independent network of women practitioners that has its roots in social change movements as well as arts, technology and academia. Whether you code, tinker or want to explore alternatives to ‘big-tech’ corporations, all women are welcome to this conference.

WISE@QMUL Chair Nela Brown is a key organiser of the event and will be speaking about WISE and G.Hack, another QMUL based group.

Who are we and why are we here?

WISE@QMUL has been set up by four PhD students in science and engineering:

  • Claire Sarell, a PhD Student in Biochemistry
  • Rita Jorge, a Marie Curie Fellow doing a PhD in Chemistry
  • Becky Stewart, a PhD Student in Electronic Engineering
  • Amélie Anglade, a PhD Student in Electronic Engineering

We have several academics who have helped us along the way, including Ursula Martin, the Vice Principal of Queen Mary, Maurice Elphick, Director of Graduate Studies for Science and Engineering, and Marina Resmini, an academic in Chemistry.

We have also worked closely with Tracy Bussoli, a careers adviser at QMUL specifically for postgraduates (see the link to her blog on early career researchers).

We have got a nice wedge of money to spend for the year from successfully applying for a grant from the Roberts Money Award, and so hope to spend it on getting external speakers in for Q&A sessions, presentations etc, and also spending it on any ideas you guys have.

The idea for the society came from the fact that we all generally feel a bit lost and unconfident about our futures in academia, and wanted to hear from women who have “made it”: how they did they do it and what advice they would give us. So far (we have had a few small internal talks) we have had pretty good feedback, so want to now extend out to everyone in science and engineering.

So our main objectives in the society are:

  • Careers – what’s out there in academia and non academia and how can we get into it?
  • Collaborations – who is out there and can we work with them?
  • Confidence – I don’t think this needs explaining!

I hope this appeals to you – it is your society so what do you want? Let us know!