News articles & commentaries

Academic journals

Apr 2018 Who perceives they are smarter? Exploring the influence of student characteristics on student academic self-concept in physiology


Apr 2018 New awards aim to celebrate women in science

Nov 2012 Leaky pipeline (of women) for research in Canada with infographic (Nature blogs)

Jul 2012 Top recommendations from the top women in science (Nature blogs)

Apr 2012 Nature published a range of articles centred around the issue of women in science (or the lack thereof). They can be downloaded here:


Apr 2018 Do Men Think They’re Better at Science Than Women Do? Well, Actually …

Jul 2013 Changing the game for [UK] women in science: it’s not a one-stop-shop (The Independent blogs)

Jul 2013 BTec STEM Report: ‘Too few’ girls going to university to do sciences (Times Higher Education)

Apr 2013 Chilling article on research into sexual abuse occurring during fieldwork (Scientific American)


Jul 2013 Female STEM students shun city careers Interesting statistics from 2013 on the recent studies of females working in STEM.


Jul 2013 Marie Curie, karate chopping stereotypes (+sponsor love) (Call Me Sassafras)

Grandma Got STEM

Fighting the idea that old ladies are luddites and celebrating the contribution of grandmas in STEM subjects

Queen Mary PhD Blog

News, events advice for PhD researchers at QM

SpotOn (Science policy, outreach and tools)

Contains lots of info on women in science, including themed articles on improving the online presence of women scientists

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