Other organisations


National WISE Campaign

Fantastic website full of useful WISE contacts, blogs, career profiles on women working in STEM, national WISE events and lots of other useful information (incorporated with the UKRC)

The Ada Initiative

The Ada Initiative helps women get and stay involved in open source, open data, open education, and other areas of free and open technology and culture.

Cambridge AWiSE

Connecting and Inspiring Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine.

UK Resource Centre for Women, Science, Engineering and Technology

Networking, courses and access to studies on female under-representation in science and engineering


The Royal Society of Chemistry

Lots of useful information for chemistry students and postdocs, including events, funding options and career advice.

Science Grrls

A new and exciting London-based organisation celebrating and promoting women in science; a network of people who are passionate about passing on our love of science onto the next generation

Soapbox Science

An annual event in London bringing UK’s top female academics to their soapboxes to talk science and answer the public’s burning questions

Science Sisters

This project encourages science and engineering mums on career breaks or in part-time non technical work, back to science. Science Sisters are all registered STEM Ambassadors and help schools find resources, are trained to deliver the K’Nex challenge and run hands on activity sessions in schools including working with gifted and talented students.


Girls In Tech

Girls in Tech UK seeks to empower women in technology by simply providing them with more visibility. The London-based section hosts mini tech conferences and meet-ups where the majority of our speakers—unlike other tech conferences—are women.


Women’s Engineering Society

A forum for women engineers from every branch of engineering and allied fields.

S1 jobs: Influential Women in Engineering

To celebrate National Women in Engineering Day on 23rd June 2015, s1jobs has made it their mission to talk to the female engineers of Scotland about their work.

Sadly they couldn’t hear from them all, but they were lucky enough to sit down with three highly-respected female engineers from different areas of the industry. They asked them all a series of questions, and have picked out some of their favourite answers for each!

The engineers are: Grace Baxter, Kate Dapre, and Margi Vilnay

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