We always welcome any interested QMUL staff or students, male or female, to join our committee in any capacity. Please contact us if you have zeal for diversity!

Specifically we are looking for the roles below, but feel free to suggest any new roles that you would like to take up.

Department Representatives—Apply now

We hope to have at least one WISE@QMUL representative in each STEMM department/institute. Your sole responsibilities will be to publicise our events to your colleagues by word of mouth and placing posters in conspicuous spots around your workplace. Your efforts will be recognised by inclusion on our Current Committee page. You will not be expected to attend our committee meetings, but you are welcome to come and contribute as much as your timetable allows.

Correspondents (Regular/One-off)—Send us your summaries now

Read an article lately that you think would be of interest to WISE@QMUL? Wrote a blog post that you think we would want to publicise? Send us a summary (max. 800 words) with the link to the webpage and we’ll post it on our front page. To thank you for your contribution, we will highlight your name and link to your social media profiles/personal blog. If you become a regular contributor, we will invite you to become an author on this blog via a WordPress account.

Core Committee Members Register your interest now

For those of you hoping to play a larger role in the committee, keep a look out for our next open meeting where we will be actively recruiting new committee members. To ease the transitional period, interested individuals should get in touch as soon as possible to start observing how the committee is run. The roles usually open for election are: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Hospitality Officer, Membership Officer, Publicity Officer and Webmaster.

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